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Features (basicly where I gloat about how wonderful HIVE is)


Here's some wonderful things about HIVE:

1. Fast
HIVE uses GDI, but don't let that fool you! This Windows port is even better than the djgpp version.

2. It's got everything
Keyboard proccessing, mouse input, and virtually flicker-free 2D renderings allow HIVE to provide an awesome game programming experience. Rudimentry sound support is also avalible.

3. Abstract
While HIVE has many alternative as far as Windows game programming interfaces (Allegro, SDL, etc.) it is most likely the simplest. The operating system is cleverly abstracted so that it is transparent to the user. A single function call sets up the window. In just 2 more, you set up and load a picture. With anouther function, you efforlessly render it to a double buffer. It's that simple.

Remeber, no matter how wonderful HIVE is, it will always have bugs/problems!

HIVE is licensed under the GNU General Library License.